A.I. saved us a fortune on our solar system.

Now we're paying 52% less for electricity!

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Tier-1 solar systems, just $2.36/Watt. Unbeatable!

Upgrade to premium
panels for $.09/Watt.

Tile roof? add $.10/Watt.

Add a 9.8 kWh Battery to
your system for $9,200.

* We only offer Bloomberg Tier-1 solar panels. There is no higher rating for panels sold in the U.S.

We're bringing the power of A.I. to solar. The resulting price drop is extraordinary.

Electric bill before solar$202
Other Solar Companies$162

$0-down financing with up to $10,000 in rebate cash. Delivered just days after solar installation.

Let's design, engineer and price your solar system.

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